Utilizing cargo bikes helps local businesses compete with Amazon.

Typically, online shoppers think of Amazon, Google, and other big-name virtual marketplaces when it comes to delivery and shopping but it is possible to use cargo bikes as a resource for small businesses. 

Since they are relatively inexpensive to operate after purchase the savings on operations costs are appreciated by small businesses. BUD Couriers, a start-up company in the UK, is based on the idea that simplicity is key. Local cargo bike couriers can zip your product to your customer in a stress-free and efficient method, with no need for consolidation or multiple journeys. You get a courier that picks up from your shop and delivers to your customer’s doors. 

Local businesses with a requirement to carry out deliveries within the NE1 to NE40* delivery range in Newcastle can contact us and set up a convenient delivery slot with us. Once we know what you need, we provide you with an estimate of how long it will take and a price. Then before you know it you’ll have a courier turn up at your address with the capacity to take up to 200kg (so don’t be afraid to give us your bulkier jobs).

In most city-delivery cases, cargo bikes are the fastest method of getting around, with an average speed of 11mph, no parking problems, no traffic, and separated cycle lanes. As the crow flies, we go fast. 

Moreover, the low cost of running costs allows businesses to benefit from competitive pricing to the conventional methods of delivery so not only is it quicker, simpler and better for the environment, it’s cheaper too. 

So to recap, this model is good for the environment, good for local businesses, convenient for customers, profitable and it costs barely anything to implement.

Considering how prevalent this idea is in other cities, I wonder why it hasn’t appeared yet in every city?