We help local residents and businesses with their short-range deliveries.

BUD offers a fast, friendly and sustainable way to see your items from door to door.

We offer a multitude of different services to suit you best.
Pushbike Courier Service within Newcastle/Gateshead
RUSH Delivery from £7.50.
Average delivery and collection is just 1 hour! 
Average delivery and collection just 2 hours! Why not send a BUD to pick up that food shop, dry cleaning or even collect from your favourite restaurant.
BANKING from £4 per day.
If your staff have better things to do than wait in a queue at the bank. BUD can pick up the cheques and delivery to the office to meet your deadline.
MULTIDROP from £6.50.
If you have multiple letters to deliver around the city you might find our prices competitive with the normal post. We’ll certainlly be quicker!
Prices vary, must place the order before 10 am for same-day delivery. Average pick up just 1 hour.
Bespoke, Urban, Delivery.

Why I’ve decided to start a fast, friendly and green delivery service in Newcastle upon Tyne and how you can get involved.

I’m James and for years I have been in and out of jobs trying to climb the corporate ladder of sales jobs selling everything from sports equipment to software, I’ve always been someone that can get on with most people so I was always drawn to a life of talking to strangers. 

I also have a keen interest in bikes, mainly fast, track bikes, usually seen on the velodrome but as we don’t have a velodrome here in Newcastle, I am generally doing most of my training in the harsh, urban-jungle that is the city and to me, you couldn’t find a better place to be. 

Around my working life as a salesman for anything from software, sporting equipment to energy, I would enjoy picking up a few pizzas for the various delivery app’s we have all grown to love. Making a little extra spending money on the side (I didn’t say I was amazing at sales). I noticed that the city centre customers were starting to use the service for more than just there local takeaway. People were wanting to have all sorts moved around the city for them, I had the client ask me to deliver some of the craziest items (spectacles, jewellery, even false teeth!). IT GAVE ME AN IDEA! I can solve this problem! So I actioned together a group of passionate cycle couriers from different areas of Newcastle and called this organisation BUD Couriers! (Bespoke, Urban, Delivery).

Our mission is to help people and business save time! We know you don’t have time to pick up that prescription, we know that you need nappies but can’t leave the house because you’re waiting on a phone call or possibly shielding a venerable loved one and we’re here to help! With BUD you don’t have to worry about this anymore, with our RUSH service you can see your items at your address in as little as 1 hour! *

Have your own personal delivery service.

Check out our store or pop up shop to order your delivery!

If your a local business looking to simplify your logistics process getting your product to your customers in a fast, friendly and totally sustainable way then please fill out a callback request on our website www.budcouriers.co.uk and one of our BUD’s will get right back to you. 

If you’d like to get involved and have a passion for bikes and a good understanding of cycling in the city then please send your CV to [email protected] if you would you like to get out of the office too?

Thanks for helping make the city a better place. 


*Providing job meets delivery requirements.

Collection address, delivery address, size and weight.

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