Delivering within a 30-mile radius of the city centre, we care for boxes up to 1.5m cubed (about the size of a standard refrigerator) and each bike can carry up to 200kg worth of cargo.

A perfect solution for Retail, Pharmaceutical, Legal, Food and Drink and Components. 

Single-Drop to Multi-Drop, Same-Day, Next-Day or Pre-Booked delivery.


We dont just deliver boxes, we deliver brands, too. 

When you choose Zero-Carbon, Healthy-Happy, Speedy and Smiley delivery. It really does say something about your brand. 

(We know the shortcuts in Newcastle like the back of our helmets!)

Ask about our ‘Be My Brand’ option, too.

a better tomorrow

A quarter of every delivery done in Newcastle today could easily be handled by a Bud Couriers Cargo Bike. We are currently at about 1.5% of deliveries done by bike and are looking for local heroes like you to get on board with our goal to clean up the city. 

Our bikes are 99% less polluting that a van.

Why work with Bud?

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

Bud is so positive about making things work and ensuring a seamless experience.

They really think through how things are going to work to ensure it’s absolutely right.

During our discussions, we talked through all the scenarios, and there weren’t any issues. It’s more efficient for us because it reduces the amount of time a member of staff has to be out and about.”

Martha Jackson (Director)

Pink Lane


“We chose Bud Couriers because of their commitment to zero-emission delivery.

Their flexibility and friendliness set them apart from other services in Newcastle.

Working with Bud has allowed us to open up a whole other revenue stream, and the setup process was incredibly easy.

We highly recommend their services.”

Moz Murphy

Grate Newcastle


“Bud Couriers shares the same ideals as us in terms of creating a better world and operating in a sustainable manner.

Their passion and commitment to zero-carbon transport are evident, and we appreciate their dedication.

The team at Bud is always available and ready to help with any requests or issues.

Trust is earned, and we trust Bud to deliver a job well done.”

Gregory Short (Co-Director)


Urban Farm

Time spent waiting in traffic is time better spent on the business.

Businesses typically use work vans, employee vehicles and taxi’s to carry out the majority of their delivery and distribution work, which can be costly and a waste of valuable resources.

Each minute they’re sat in traffic is needlessly contributing to congestion and pollution.

No matter the time of day our bikes can easily filter through the traffic and reliably arrive on time!

See how we can help! It only takes a minute

Some More Of Our Local Hero’s

  • Customer ETA Notifications
  • Route Planning
  • GPS Tracking Link
  • Bespoke Advertising
  • Re-Delivery
  • All Included

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