Welcome to Pedal Power, your guide to understanding how cargo bike delivery can revolutionise your business deliveries in Newcastle upon Tyne. 

I’m James Tyer, the proud owner of Bud Couriers, and I can’t wait to show you how our friendly and reliable service can add value and cater to your unique needs. By the end of this post, you’ll know if we can help you deliver better in Newcastle and proudly say you deliver with Bud Couriers!

A Perfect Fit for Your Business?

As we hit the streets of Newcastle with our cargo bikes, we know that not every business is an ideal match for our service. Sometimes the van is the only way, but we think you’d be surprised just how little that’s the case. Around a quarter of the businesses in Newcastle need to move goods in or out of the city centre on a regular basis, and typically this is through work vans, employee vehicles or taxis. All jobs that could be better handled by a cargo bike. 

But, are you a good fit for this type of eco-friendly and personalised delivery service? In this blog post, we’ll explore the characteristics that make a business an excellent match for Bud Couriers and how we tailor our solutions accordingly. From the city’s favourite local bakeries to charming retail shops, we’re ready to make a difference for businesses that align with our values.

Bud Couriers’ Customer Success Stories

We take pride in our customer retention rate and the satisfaction of those who choose to partner with us. In this chapter, we’ll reveal the data behind our current customer success stories. 

90% of our clients stay with us for at least 6 months, with 80% remaining loyal for 9 months, and an astounding 75% sticking around for a year and beyond.* So let’s delve into the various reasons why  Bud Couriers has become an integral part of their businesses. 

Martha Jackson, Director of Pink Lane Bakery says “Bud is so positive about making things work and ensuring a seamless experience. They really think through how things are going to work to ensure it’s absolutely right. During our discussions, we talked through all the scenarios, It’s way more efficient for us because it reduces the amount of time a member of staff has to be out and about.” 

Every morning, we kick-start our day by delivering over 150kg of Pink Lane Bakery’s delicious bread and pastries using a front-loading cargo bike and a huge trailer. We pick them up fresh from their production bakery in Gosforth and bring them right to their flagship shop in the city centre. By doing this, we save them from any clean air tolls and allow their bakers to focus on what they do best – baking! But that’s not all! Pink Lane Bakery trusts us with their wholesale routes as well. We ensure that larger quantities of their bread and sweet treats reach some of Newcastle’s most-loved bars and restaurants, keeping the city’s food scene thriving.

And guess what? We also deliver directly to your doorstep through their e-commerce store. We make sure you get them the same day, so you can enjoy them fresh and hassle-free.

Imagine your business having all this optionality whilst also being a part of this positive change, offsetting a considerable portion of your supply chain’s carbon emissions, and becoming a beacon of sustainability in the community.

Revolutionising Local Businesses with Bud Couriers

Now, let’s dive a little deeper into the success stories of businesses that have embraced Bud Couriers’ services. From florists to coffee roasters, from catering suppliers to charities, we’ve been able to enhance their customer experience through our eco-friendly and personalised deliveries. By outsourcing their fulfilment and deliveries to us, they’ve witnessed significant improvements in efficiency and customer satisfaction.

a month ago, Yueh Siang Chang said

“Bud literally went the extra miles (not just the one!) to deliver keys; and had been communicative along the way to make sure we didn’t miss each other. So top marks already for the day job! What really impressed me was that he also made sure to show this newcomer what the landmarks are, and made this visitor to Newcastle feel extra welcome. Above and beyond. If this is the level of service for something small, I think I’d trust my parcels and boxes to them regularly!”


3 months ago Adam Simmons said

“Great delivery service by James! Having found some of the big players in the space unreliable (with questionable business ethics), it’s refreshing to see this zero-emissions alternative. Very good communication and tracking system, delicate goods delivered in perfect condition with a smile.”

A Sustainable Future with Bud Couriers

We’ve observed three key factors that set our successful clients apart. Firstly, timeliness is crucial, as they ensure goods are ready for pickup upon our arrival. Secondly, they prioritise collecting accurate and comprehensive delivery data, including names, addresses, phone numbers, emails, and any other relevant information. Lastly, our thriving clients truly care about their customer’s experience, the quality of their delivery, and their positive impact on the local community. By embodying these traits, they leverage our eco-friendly and reliable delivery service to enhance their overall business success.

We believe in fostering a greener, cleaner, and more sustainable future for Newcastle. Cargo bike deliveries contribute to reducing emissions and traffic congestion in the city. Embracing our service not only improves your business but also showcases your commitment to sustainability and the community.

Solving the Clean Air Zone Challenge

In this chapter, we’ll explore how Bud Couriers can help your business tackle the Clean Air Zone challenge in Newcastle. Picture this: a quarter of businesses in the city are already struggling with the burden of driving restrictions and charges. We understand the headaches you face while trying to navigate the city centre while avoiding fines and penalties.

Our large electric cargo bikes offer the perfect solution. You can bid farewell to driving-related headaches, parking fines, and wasted time. Our efficient cargo bike deliveries not only help your bottom line but also contribute to a cleaner and greener Newcastle.

Your Exclusive Offer! JOIN THE 25%

Congratulations! You’re now familiar with the benefits Cargo bikes can bring to your business. If you’re excited about the potential of transforming your delivery operations and becoming a sustainability champion, we’d love to take the next step with you.

As a valued reader of “Pedal Power,” we’re offering an exclusive offer of 5 FREE DELIVERIES!* by quoting “PEDAL POWER” when you contact us at www.budcouriers.com/contact-us/ so you can experience the power of the bikes with NO RISK.

If you’re keen on cutting emissions, delivering faster, and enhancing your customer experience in Newcastle, we invite you to schedule a meeting with us. During the meeting, we’ll tailor a delivery solution that aligns perfectly with your needs and values. Together, we’ll paint a future where your customers receive their orders promptly via eco-friendly cargo bikes, boosting satisfaction and loyalty.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this journey through the world of Bud Couriers and cargo bike deliveries. Remember, we’re not the one-size-fits-all solution, but if you find yourself among the 25% of businesses that can benefit from our friendly and reliable service, we’re here to elevate your delivery game. 


Newcastle awaits a sustainable and innovative future, and together, with Bud Couriers, you can be a part of that transformation. Let’s make deliveries in Newcastle an experience to cherish and be proud to say that you deliver with Bud! 

Let’s see how Bud Couriers can be integrated into your business.


*As of July 2023



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