RUSH Delivery.

Packages that fit within 80ltr compartment and delivery below 5km.

£5 call out charge + 2.50 per item, Up to 3 items.

(Must fit in compartment)

£2.50 per km beyond 5km.

*the combined weight must be below 15kg

**average delivery and collection in just 1 hour!

 Shop Collection.

1 full standard size carrier bag and below 5km.

£5 call out charge, £2.50 per shopping bag, £2.50 per shop visit. Up to 2 bags.

(Must fit in 80ltr compartment.)

*combined weight must be under 15kg

** average delivery and collection just 2 hours!


£4 per day.

Items collected before 9.30am and delivered by 11.30am 

*Average collection and delivery just 1 hour!


Multiple letters and parcels.

£5 call out charge, £1.50 per letter. Maximum of 50 letters. Within 10km of city centre.

Average pick up time before 10am.

Special requests.

Prices vary, must place order before 10am for same day delivery. 

Average pick up just 1 hour. 

Give us a call on 07534362290 for a free quote!

Example jobs:

Customer: I would like a 25kg trampoline picked up from town centre to Tynemouth road (approx 9 km’s) RUSH service, please.

BUD: Unable to offer rush service on special requests, Average pick up within 2 hours, with immediate delivery.

£5 call out, £7.50 special request fee, £10 for extra 4 km’s, £5 added weight.


City sprint charge: £59.74*

Parcelforce charges: £48.55 exc VAT | £58.26 inc VAT*

*prices quoted on 21/06/20


Customer: I would like you to pick up from Kwok pow restaurant in Heaton, then to pick up food shopping from the co-op in the city centre and deliver to Arthurs hill 6kms

Rush service.

£5 call out, £5 for 2 items, 2.50 for 1 extra km, 


Customer: Can I have a gift box delivered from my local store to Jesmond rush service 1.4 miles  

£5 call out, 2.50 for item